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Site Representation by 3DInteractive

TPN’s sister company 3DInteractive (3Di) is one of the regions most experienced site representation companies with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland.

3Di’s experienced sales team has been building their network of key contacts within the Australian & New Zealand interactive advertising industry for as long as there has been one.

As a result, 3Di’s role as an outsourced sales team is to represent a site’s advertising opportunities within the market, and work with the site to maximise revenue from advertising budgets. 3Di develop sales collateral with each site and actively promote and sell these packages on behalf of the site. 3Di’s revenue model is based on a percentage of the sales they make on behalf of the site.

3Di services help a site achieve objectives such as:

  • Generating revenue for the site’s EDM list (email)
  • Generating revenue for the site’s display offering
  • Maximizing revenue for the site’s free ad inventory (via TPN and others)

Join 3Di’s Partner Network if you believe your inventory is targeted, profiled and permissioned.