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TPN Leads

A complete lead generation solution for advertisers looking to generate an ongoing stream of warm sales leads for follow-up by phone, post or email. Services include co-reg, lead nurturing, lead scoring, landing pages and performance media.

TPN Leads most popular solution is co-registration which involves asking consumers if they would like to be contacted by an advertiser about a specific offer or product. The advertiser’s question is displayed across multiple sites. If the consumer opts-in to the question, their details are automatically sent to the advertiser.

Optional campaign enhancements include Lead Capture, Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing, Landing Page Design and Performance Display & Email.

  • Only pay for actual leads
  • Use pre-qualifying questions
  • Build e-mail marketing list
  • Constant stream of phone number leads
  • Integrated campaign across e-mail, post & Phone
  • Build your own postal DM marketing list
  • TPN manages payment distribution
  • Budget control
  • Data validation
  • Targeting
  • Automatic budget control
  • Remove duplicates
  • Integrate with your CRM or bespoke solution
Campaign Enhancements
  • Lead Nurturing System 
  • Lead Capture System
  • Lead Scoring System 
  • Landing Page Design 
Volume Between 300 - 10,000 leads per month depending on advertiser category
  • 90 characters of text
  • Must ask users permission
  • Must name advertiser


Band A Competitions, Incentivised, Promotions, Large Discounts, Free Samples.
Band B Entertainment & Leisure, Communications & Computers, Retail, Community & Public Service, Recruitment Alcoholic beverages, Education & Learning, Health & Beauty, FMCG, Home Products, Real Estate, Travel & Accommodation.
Band C Finance (Banking & Investing), Insurance, Motor Vehicles, B2B.

How It Works


Rate Card

Band A $2.00CPL - CPL (email only)
$3.00CPL - CPL (email + post or phone)
$4.00CPL - CPL (email + post + phone)
Band B $4.00CPL - CPL (email only)
$6.00CPL - CPL (email + post or phone)
$8.00CPL - CPL (email + post + phone)
Band C $8.00CPL - CPL (email only)
$12.00CPL - CPL (email + post or phone)
$16.00CPL - CPL (email + post + phone)

Set-up fee (per question) $400

• Lead Nurturing Setup from $1,000

• Lead Capture & Scoring from $1,000

• Landing Page Design from $3,000

• Performance CPC & CPM media from $5,000
* if only phone or post is required the "email + post or phone" rate applies
** if only phone and post is required the "email + post + phone" rate applies