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Performance Display

TPN is a "true performance" network (CPC/CPA) providing access to a diverse network of quality Australian websites.

The response rates are maximised by presenting the right ad to the right user at the right time using the latest ad targeting and optimisation technology, enhanced by unique user data analysis.

TPN offers a range of campaigns types and can accommodate a range of rates.

Websites in Network 684
Impressions 120 million per month

Types of Campaigns

Utilising advanced targeting options, they are delivered as fast as possible against a specific target audience and take precedence over all campaign types.

Creative is primarily brand focused and call to action is less obvious. Click Through Rates (CTR) are lower than normal direct response performance campaign (<0.05%). They are delivered evenly over the campaign period.

High Priority (HP)
Used when a defined budget needs to be spread over a defined campaign period. These are often used to promote a wider campaign or specific promotion. Take priority after Targeted & Branding as inventory forecasting is used to ensure they are delivered within the campaign period.

Low Priority (LP)
Can be placed at any rate and compete with each other in an eCPM based auction and determines which campaign gets the majority of available spare inventory each hour. Effective Cost Per Thousand Ad Impressions (eCPM) is affected by the Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Acquisition (CPA) rate paid and the Click Through Rate (CTR) or Conversion Rate (CR). Delivery of these campaigns cannot be guaranteed.

How It Works

Website user -> Browses network websites -> TPN Technology -> Clicks on banner -> Visit website

Ad Formats

High Priority (CPC) IAB Display
Low Priority IAB Display, Email, Button Ads, Text Ads/Links
Targeted (Geo) IAB Display
Targeted (Retargeting) IAB Display
Branding IAB Display
Branding (Video) IAB Display (Video)
Low Priority (CPA) IAB Display, Email, Button Ads, Text Ads/Links