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Advanced Targeting

TPN offers advanced targeting technologies, extensive user data and intelligence campaign optimisation that allows it to deliver outstanding results in terms of ad relevancy, campaign responsiveness and inventory yield maximisation.

TPN has developed these cutting edge tools to allow advertisers to deploy world class campaigns which realise the full potential of the internet as an advertising channel.

By combining the best technology with the best data across an extensive ad network managed by experienced direct response marketers, TPN is able to deliver highly targeted campaigns with reach.

Campaigns are also optimised to ensure that they are placed on the most responsive inventory in terms of Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate (CR) or post impression activity

TPN Targeting Includes:

Pipeline Re-targeting Pipeline Re-targeting Profile Targeting Profile Targeting
Behavioural Targeting Behavioural Targeting Time Targeting Time Targeting
Geographic Targeting Geographic Targeting Campaign Optimisation Campaign Optimisation