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Profile Targeting

Time Targeting

Advertisers can control the exact dates, days and times that their campaign is displayed. This targeting option can be used to increase response rates by only showing the campaign at the best performance times of the day or week but can also be used to co-ordinate the campaign and creative so that it matches other aspects of your promotion or offer.

TPN allows the following timing options to be loaded for a campaign:

  • list of specific dates (days)
  • day of the week
  • hour of the day


  • A retailer has a one day clearance sale 3 days per month. TPN only displays the campaign on those days.
  • A takeaway business gets its best response on Fridays and Saturdays between 2PM and 10PM. TPN only displays the campaign on these days and between the specified times.
  • A TV show gets its best response the day the show is on air. TPN only displays the ad that day and only up to the on air time.

Contact a TPN campaign manager to discuss your time sensitive campaign.