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Pipeline Re-Targeting

Pipeline Re-Targeting

Re-targeting allows advertisers to display campaigns and specific creative to users that have already visited its own site. This technique has proved to be very effective at increasing the sites overall conversion rates as potential customers, who have expressed an interest in an advertisers products or services, can be reminded about the offering as they surf the internet and visit other sites.

TPNs re-targeting system offers total flexibility allowing advertisers to tag their site visitors based on any number of states. TPN calls this pipeline re-targeting as it allows creative and offers to be shown to users based on where they are in the conversion pipeline. Advertisers can also tag users based on their specific area of interest or past purchases.

Examples of Re-targeting include:

  • customer has visited your site but not yet purchased
  • customer has responded to SEM campaign but not yet purchased
  • customer has responded to Offer Z but not yet purchased
  • customer has viewed page about Product X
  • customer has added products to cart but not yet purchased
  • customer has subscribed to your newsletter
  • customer has purchased Product Y
  • a past customer but has not purchased for 90 days

By combining these targeting options with relevant creative and offers conversion rates, order sizes and purchase frequency can be increased.

Contact a TPN campaign manager to discuss your re-targeting options.

TPN has stringent privacy policies and allows users to view their cookie data created by the targeting system and to edit or block (opt-out) the targeting tags.


Pipeline Re-targeting is scheduled for commercial release: Jan 2010