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The Performance Network.

Australia and New Zealand's premium advertising network

We maximise advertiser's response rates with a powerful mix of branding and direct response campaigns while assisting publishers to fill 100% their remnant inventory. Find out more

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  • TPN Leads

    With TPN Leads you only pay for qualified leads. Using pre-qualified questions means you can build a quality e-marketing list whilst controlling your budget and achieving results.

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  • Performance Email 

    Our network of email lists is constantly growing with more and more partners and database owners added every month. We currently have access to 7 million Australian email records across our premier network.

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  • Performance Display

    Our 'true performance' network (CPC/CPA) provides access to a diverse network of quality Australian websites using the latest ad targeting technology to maximise your response rates.

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  • Trading Desk

    Let experienced traders run your campaign. Our Trading Desk uses innovative technology to target audiences via social networking sites and DSP’s to deliver results.

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  • Mobile

    Mobile SMS campaigns offer the highest open rates of any digital media. Our advanced targeting capabilities allow over 50 filters on more than 300,000 mobile numbers.

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  • Contact Us

    Enter your details on our contact page and a member of our team will be in touch to speak about a solution for your business.

Benefits for Advertisers
  • True Performance Campaigns
  • Mix of Branding & Direct Response
  • Network of Quality Australian Sites
  • Latest Ad Targeting Technology
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Response Rates Maximised
Benefits for Publishers
  • Fast & Easy to Implement
  • Inventory Fully Occupied
  • ‘Household’ Name Advertisers
  • Yield Optimisation Technology
  • New Revenue Streams
  • Earnings Maximised
Our Advertisers
Our Publishers